Helium hire and balloon inflation equipment


Helium hires and DIY kitsĀ 

CV -Helium bottle Inflates 30 28cm balloons = $90

CV-DIY kit includes 30 balloons 30 ribbons and helium-$115

D2 – Helium bottle inflates 120 28cm balloons $250

D2 – DIY kit includes 120 balloons 120 ribbons and helium =$310

E – Helium bottle Inflates 300 28cm balloons $415

E – DIY kit includes 300 balloons 300 ribbons and helium =$565

(Price Includes 3-day bottle rental)

A $50 deposit is required upon bottle hire and can be made with either Cash or Card. This is refunded when you return the bottle to us.
A $0.50 cent overdue fee applies when you keep the bottle past its 3-day hire. This includes Sundays. Overdue fees are taken out of your deposit unless you wish to receive you deposit back and pay with a different method of payment.

Printed balloons upgrade 60 cents each large range of designs including ages, characters, messages (Happy Birthday, Get well, Congrats, wedding, Engagements, Good luck etc…

We use the best helium quality balloons (Qualatex and Sempertex balloons)

Helium Filled balloons will have a float time of approximately 8-10 hours from time of inflation.

Please don’t encourage others to inhale helium and please be aware that this can be fatal and dangerous due to a foreign substance in the lungs.

Electric air balloon blower

$25 per weekend $5 for each extra day hired

Also Available balloon Sticks & cups.

A $50 cash or credit card swipe security deposit will also be required.


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